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The Development of the district is a very important objective of the District Administration. Under the Government policy to rapidly uplift rural population, rural development is an important function. There is a constitutionally recognised Garo Hills Autonomous District Council in the district which collects most of the revenue collection like settlement of Hats Bazar , Ghats, Ponds, Ferries, Professional Tax, but revenue collection of a few things like acquisition of Govt. The DC generally takes prompt action whenever situation arises in any part of the district, and provides assistance either in cash or kind to the victims according to the nature of damage. Besides all these the DC being the head of the district, also holds the post of Chairman of various committees, colleges, schools, banks, etc. Maintenance of law and order is another important aspect of district administration to give proper security and to safeguard the lives and properties of the citizen.

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  • Eagles, Beavers, Sea Turtles: Why N.Y.C. Is Humming With Wildlife
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University of Washington Botanic Gardens

County Offices The County Ranger is the key contact for programs and services we offer in your county. Would you like to have a forest management plan prepared for your property? Want to know if your timber is ready to harvest? Have a forest insect or disease problem? Want to know more about the Forest Stewardship Program or just want to know more about forestry in your county?

Then your County Ranger is the place to start. Simply select your county from the list below. The employees at these offices provide supervision and staff support to your County Ranger.

Central Office Have a question about how we are organized or a specific program area? Couldn't find the answer on our web site? Then you need to contact our staff in our Raleigh OfficePlease direct general media inquiries to agency information officer Christie Adams atAdditional personnel attached to the Central Office are stationed at Griffith Forestry Center in ClaytonExecutive Asst.

Division Director: Debbie RobertsonBudget: Kevin HowenGrants: Lane RaskinDivision Director: Robert Delleo x Division Director: Sean BroganForest Management: Ron MyersUrban Forestry: Andy PleningerTechnical Development: Barry NewWater Resources: Bill SwartleyDivision Director: Greg HicksFire Control: Gail BledsoeForest Health: Rob TrickelLaw Enforcement Jeff Burns , extensionDivision Director: Craig ClarkeSafety Officer: Bob LandsFacilities Management: Lee Ann BlackmonState Forests The agency operates several forests throughout the state.

Seven are designated as Educational State Forests ESFs , and offer a variety of learning opportunities for children and adults. Road Purlear, NC Email: rendezvousesf. Tree Nurseries The agency operates a container nursery at Goldsboro.

Seedling are available for sale to non-industrial private landowners, corporate landowners, as well as state and federal agencies. There is also an online seedling store available at this link. Two locations offer overnight accomodations, dining services and classroom environments with internet access and multimedia capabilities.

The campuses are available for use by state agencies and other institutions or organizations at reasonable rates. For more information about reserving facility space, please contact the facility managers listed below. Forest Service and the N. The letters in B. Web site Questions, comments or suggestions about our Web site are always welcome.

Please direct correspondence to christie. Breadcrumb » Breadcrumb » Breadcrumb. Assistant Commissioner Scott BissetteState Forester David LaneAssistant Commissioner's Office: Executive Asst. Stanford M. Back to top.

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Search USU Extension personnel by name, title, area of expertise, or county location. Delta FillmoreUtah State University sites use cookies. By continuing to use this site you accept our privacy and cookie policy. I agree. Extension Open main menu.

The National Land Use Planning Commission. Conservation Strategies. Conflicts in Planning in Tanzania. Availability of Land Resource.

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Since this podcast is all about the intersection of nature and the urban environment, I wanted to use this last episode to talk about engaging ordinary citizens to create a better urban forest. Her job is to manage, think about, and plan for nature in New York City. After the census was completed, the Parks Department turned all the data they gathered into something shareable: a public-facing interactive, living map. Users can favorite trees, record a care activity like watering or mulching , and report problems. Thanks for listening. And stay in touch! The goal of the census is really twofold. And so our management approaches always consider people and consider ways we can engage people in caring for trees, and noticing trees, and advocating for trees, and planting trees. The way I describe my job is I think of it as managing, thinking about, planning for, nature in New York City — in all the places you find it.

Eagles, Beavers, Sea Turtles: Why N.Y.C. Is Humming With Wildlife

We are a professional organization of men and women committed to national development and working together to sustainably conserve and enhance our forests which impact every facet of national life and are one of our most valuable resources. The goal of the Forestry Division is to sustainably manage of the forest resources of Trinidad and Tobago to provide for the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations; contribute to the sustainable development of the country; enhance the quality of human life while at the same time protecting biological diversity and ecological processes. Bulk Sales Process for Clearfell and Thinnings. Exhibition by Forestry Information Unit. Issuance of Minor Forest Produce Licence.

The Board of Management is collectively responsible for the long-term performance, business success and timely delivery of Government's key priorities for the department. The Board's role is to provide leadership and decision making that sets the strategic direction of the department to enable it to meet its goals and objectives, in particular:.

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

The broad function of the Ministry is to improve food security and champion agricultural development through local production, reduction of import bill, diversification of the sector, value addition, employment, promotion of consumption of local foodstuff, as well as establishment of agricultural based poverty eradication projects. The ministry implements its mandate through six departments and one division. Ministry Parastatals. Ministry Parastatals and key functions. Call Centre Contact Tel: Email.

U.S. Cities Lose Tree Cover Just When They Need It Most

Scientific evidence that trees and green spaces are crucial to the well-being of people in urban areas has multiplied in recent decades. Conveniently, these findings have emerged just as Americans, already among the most urbanized people in the world, are increasingly choosing to live in cities. The problem—partly as a result of that choice—is that urban tree cover is now steadily declining across the U. That amounts to about , acres of tree cover, most of it in central city and suburban areas but also on the exurban fringes. This reduction, says lead author David Nowak of the U.

in NYC's natural areas,” says Jennifer Greenfeld, NYC Parks Assistant Commissioner for Forestry, Horticulture and Natural Resources.

Forestry Division

County Offices The County Ranger is the key contact for programs and services we offer in your county. Would you like to have a forest management plan prepared for your property? Want to know if your timber is ready to harvest?

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Meet Our Speakers in alphabetical order by last name. In this capacity, he provides technical support to FAO field projects, provides policy advice to member countries and develops technical publications. Mr Chan is a practicing landscape architect with academic backgrounds in Architecture, Project Management, Law, and Landscape Architecture. Chan serves a number of professional and public consultative bodies as well as NGOs. Chan led the government funded projects Development of the landscape architectural profession in Hong Kong and its Positioning in the Region between and and Resilient City — Landscape Planning towards Climate Adaptation sinceDr Kieron J.

Through our research, the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourages informed policy discussion.

Photo courtesy John De La Howe. All other photos by Leonard Billie Photography. This story appears in the Nov. A South Carolina property is returning to its roots as the John de la Howe School for Agriculture prepares to welcome a class of 80 agriculture students in August ofThe school operated as a working farm for state orphans from its inception until the s, when it transitioned into an alternative school for troubled youth.

This page contains information about careers and employment opportunities within the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry TDF , current job openings, anticipated job openings, how and where to apply and other information about the positions and the functions of the division. The Division promotes the wise use of forest resources by helping landowners, fighting wildfires, providing quality seedlings, monitoring insects and diseases, improving urban forests, managing state forests, protecting water quality and collecting forest inventory data. The division employs more than people that work across the state and are found in all 95 Tennessee counties. We seek to recruit highly qualified professional, technical, and administrative personnel.

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