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Plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 all zombies version


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is a cooperative story-based third-person shooter video game developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision and Gearbox. The game is the sequel to 2014’s Garden Warfare and part of the Plants vs. Zombies series. A later-announced update would bring a fourth, co-operative zombie-themed, standalone game to the series.

Players can choose to become either the Plant or Zombie characters, with both sharing the same abilities, and are in a war against each other in the backyards of various characters from the two sets of games.


When discussing with VentureBeat, executive producer Dave Perry revealed the reason why they needed more team members to work on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

“I think we had, I don’t know how many at the time, 70 people working on the game. So the reason we needed more people to be working on the game was just to get the game out as fast as possible, and give us enough time to iterate.”

The reason why they were able to create such a large team for the first Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is because they had the first game working and they wanted to have enough time to create a good product.

The office of the second Garden Warfare was even bigger than the first, and the size of the office is such that even with 40 people, they still have one room that they cannot fill with the people from the studio.

Even though they have created two games, they still have the same process of creating games. First, they had to develop the gameplay, but after that they had to do a lot of testing and adjusting to get the gameplay as good as they could.

Each studio has their own way of working, and since it is an office for eight months for the developers to work, they have a different approach to the work.


Stance Lab and Sidekick Games are the developers of the Zombies and Plants, respectively, but each of them have their own set of problems.

Stance Lab

“We have two smaller studios, and the two small studios each have one big department, and their entire teams have to work together to develop the characters, which each have their own unique abilities.”

In each game, you can choose to play as the zombie or the plant, but unlike the first game, players can choose their character during the tutorial.

Because both the teams are developing their own set of characters, they have to cooperate to get the final product. There are two teams, one working on the zombies, and another working on the plants, so each team has to work together.

“In the beginning, the ideas for each of the characters were kind of done in isolation and then that person would build them, and then the other person would go in and have to look at it and decide if it was good or not. But, we found that if we worked together then we were able to better what was being built in a much quicker timeframe.”

Sidekick Games

This time, Sidekick Games is working on the plants while Stance Lab is developing the zombies. The differences in how the two teams are developing their characters are a result of each group’s backgrounds and how they have developed their characters.

“When they first started, the zombies were the ones that needed to be more melee focused, and the plants were the ones that needed to be ranged focused. But, after we got into testing, we were like “why don’t we just go with what our character’s abilities are and make them like what the plants are, and the zombies are?” And, the same could be said for the second game.”

They do not directly take one set of characters and work on them for the entire time. Each team will create their own character and then the other team will look at it and give their feedback.

In the beginning of the first Garden Warfare, they wanted the plants to be a little bigger and more aggressive while the zombies were the cute, bouncy type, but when they put the characters into the game, they were just the opposite.

The development of the characters in Garden Warfare 2 is another way of creating a game with interesting characters that the players are going to want to play as. The idea is to make the characters appeal to everyone.

“We want our characters to be likable. We want our players to want to work with and have fun with these characters, so that’s one of the reasons why we have them doing things that are both fun and creative.”

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 | Character Trailer


At the start of the development of the second game, they wanted to make the characters look great, and the first game did not have as many plants as they had in the second game, so they wanted to make sure that the plants were going to look good.

“In the first game, we didn’t have quite as many plants as we wanted to have in the second game, so we wanted to make sure that we were going to make them look really good.”

One of the biggest problems in the development of the game was to make sure that their game looked good on different displays. Since the plants in the game are digital, the team decided to make sure that the plants look

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